What's the best way to have great coaching 1-on-1s after a 360 review?

You may assume getting feedback is straightforward, but the follow up can be just as or even more important than the review itself. If your team isn’t used to receiving constructive feedback their morale might be low after the first few reviews. As discussed previously, the key to helping your reports open up to feedback is encouraging a growth mindset. It’s once they learn how to look at feedback with a growth mindset and turn the results into an action plan that they will be able to truly reap the benefits of 360s. The more they begin to see feedback as helpful to their own development, the better they’ll take it in the future.


1. Gauge their experience


Gather their opinions about the 360 review. If they found it helpful, try to understand what helps them exactly. If they consider it a waste of time, you want to know which part was most time-consuming. Did they find the feedback unclear or unfair? Who in the team did they find it easier/harder to give feedback to? This information will be valuable input for the success of other 360 reviews in the future. However, it’s very important to respect the privacy of both the feedback givers and recipients. Stay objective and do not share the feedback with anybody else without permission.


2. Don’t focus only on constructive feedback


Remember that 360-degree reviews are not just about learning where an employee can improve. They’re also very helpful in gathering information about a person’s strengths. There is a tendency to focus on weaknesses rather than strengths when giving 360-degree feedback. Many people think of growth as correcting your mistakes and improving your weaknesses. However, learning how to maximize and leverage your strengths at work is the best way to get the most out of your feedback.


3. Teach them how to analyze their own reports and help them set goals

Based on the feedback they receive, help your employee come up with their own development plan and next action steps. Remember the most effective plan will come from a joint effort. Rather than dictating the next steps for them, give them ownership of their development plan. To help you reach this balance encourage them to think about their professional goals by asking the right questions. For more information about how to help your employees maximize their strengths see here.

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