What are the advantages of employee driven feedback?

You don’t want HR to always be the sole driver of the process. While your department may have to kickstart your new feedback culture, what you want is for your employees to eventually take ownership. When you’ve reached the point that employees are keeping your feedback culture alive and vibrant on their own, your company will experience the full benefits:


1. Diffusing office conflicts before they happen


One of the primary benefits of having an open feedback culture is that it gives employees the tools to diffuse office tensions before they escalate. When people feel they aren’t able to freely discuss small irritations with each other, over time they can grow into wider issues. When employees are used to giving feedback regularly they won’t feel anxious about asking their co-workers to speak lower when on the phone, or to be more consistent with having their part of a project completed on time. This means they also know how to address these situations with the right kind of feedback.  


2. Ownership of professional development


The more employees become comfortable asking for feedback the more they’ll do so on their own initiative. This will not only help you create a workforce of rockstar employees, it will also take pressure off of HR and managers. Divining the right training initiatives needed or when an employee needs coaching advice becomes much easier when employees simply ask for it.


3. Keeping up employee engagement

When people are working in an open honest atmosphere engagement skyrockets. This is not only because potential issues are solved more quickly, but also because team and individual successes are recognized more often. Remember feedback isn’t just about improving, it’s also about encouraging each other to keep up the good work.


This article is part of a guide for HR about how to create a feedback culture.


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