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Top 10 HR Events In the U.S This Year

Earlier this year we brought you the top 10 HR events for the first half of 2017 in Europe. With the year flying by, it’s time to start filling the rest of that calendar, so we’ve put together a guide of the most unmissable events in HR tech happening in the U.S for the rest of the year. From conferences, to summits, expos and more, here’s our list of the events you just can’t miss.


This information exchange is for those in the HR field looking to mix things up! The event is described as a “high energy idea forum”, designed to bring together HR professionals for an informative and empowering collection of short, concise presentations by local professionals. The aim is to share ideas, and collectively move thinking forward when it comes to topics around talent. Each speaker gets a 5 minute slot to share their insights with the group and inspire change and movement in the world of HR. This event is an innovative way to shake things up and change your perspective on all things HR.

Impact is Bersin by Deloitte’s annual research based executive conference. This year’s 4 day event brings together over 600 HR, learning and talent professionals and is themed “Unleashing the Power of Digital: A New World for HR”. In a world where technology is impacting upon every aspect of life, this event aims to explore the way technology is changing the way we work for good, and open up new ideas to HR professionals and workplace experts alike.



HR TechWorld has gained quite the name in recent years. With events this year also running in London and Amsterdam, and over 10,000 total HR TechWorld attendees worldwide, it’s going to be big. The two day San Francisco event sees those in the HR and technology fields come together to share knowledge and insights, around innovative ideas and technology that are helping transform organizations and the way we work, every single day.


  • SHRM - June 18-21, New Orleans

The three day event taking place in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center really has everything. It’s a great opportunity to attend inspiring seminars and workshops, and of course, for networking. There’s also opportunity to discover an impressive array of HR solutions from the over 600 vendors attending. You will also gain insights from a wide array of speakers, including Laszlo Block, Former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google. For useful insights and the best opportunity to find the HR tech solution that works for your organization, this event is one we definitely recommend attending!



The employee engagement conference focuses on one of the hottest topics in HR: keeping the talent you have, engaged in - and passionate about - their work. The event sees industry thought leaders weigh in on a number of topics, including how organizations can go about finding their purpose and values, using knowledge on neuroscience to ignite change, and many more surrounding topics surrounding engagement in the workplace. With engagement being such a major factor in today’s world of work, this event has some serious insights to share and isn’t one to be missed.



2017’s Culture summit conference looks to bring together founders, thought leaders and organizational culture experts to share best practices in company culture solutions, for both startups and scale ups. The event hosts some great speakers, and useful workshops to provide insights, data and the best strategies and practices in the industry, helping you get inspired, brainstorm with other attendees, share knowledge, and build the best programs for your organization.

The day long HR TechXpo aims to help you discover the best technology solutions going. It’s a useful opportunity to check out what the top HR tech companies have to offer your organization. With innovative solutions from everything to startups to enterprise size providers, live demos and opportunities to explore the solutions hands-on, it’s not one to miss: there’s something for every company to be found here, no matter the size or experience level.



This culture summit shares insights into culture development practices used by some of the world’s most innovative companies, every day ways to increase engagement, utilizing the talent you have to the highest possible potential. With some great industry professionals attending, discussions surrounding the latest trends and techniques in the industry, and strategic insights to help you build your personalized culture plans, this isn’t one to miss.



This Vegas-based conference focuses on all things HR tech. From the newest technology in the world of HR and current trends, to optimizing more traditional processes to work for your organization, this 3 day event has it all covered. Alongside this, the event is also home to the world's largest HR tech Expo: technology services and products are aplenty, with some vendors presenting their products at the event for the first time. If you’re looking to gain insights into the world of HR tech, network with industry experts and compare the latest available solutions all at once, Vegas is the place to be this October.



Alongside a great line-up of speakers, this event will bring together HR professionals to provoke discussion on how people analytics is changing the way the world of work operates. Topics this year include decision making in the workplace, engagement, retaining talent and many more hot trends and topics in HR and people operations. For great networking opportunities and to delve further into the analytics behind making the most of the great talent you have, this event is a great one.


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