Good Customer Service Skills Every Employee Should Have

They know that you want them, they know that you need them and all too often customer relations end up in a bad romance
In the beginning, we put a lot of effort in selling ourselves, building a relationship and getting their attention and interest. These early sparks make us happy and engage us the most. But wait… is this meant to be a marriage lasting forever? Yes!

About half of all marriages get divorced, that’s a fact and that’s sad enough. But make sure you keep your customers for your lifetime! Make sure you and your team develop the right mindset and skills to keep them happily married to you.

It’s common sense: You offer what someone else needs or desires. Thus, what makes a truly successful business is a strong focus on customer needs and exceeding their expected value far beyond what competitors offer. But hey, good news: An existing customer decided for your company already, the only thing you have to make sure is keeping him. This won’t be hard with the right customer service skills.

Anticipate customer needs

By asking open questions that aim for an understanding of the customer’s needs pay attention on gestures or verbal communication elements. You can be sure that certain expressions will be emphasized verbally or non-verbally. Clearly focus on understanding those and interpret their meaning. Observe carefully and listen attentively to find details that indicate specific interest or dissatisfaction. Find and communicate solutions clearly and with a smile.

Understand product/service well

Make sure everyone understands your product or service deep into the tiny details. Why are things done like this? Why did you include this small extra feature? Let’s assume things are done in the best way to serve your customers, it’s important that everybody understands why it’s done exactly that way. Having a great understanding will not only allow everyone to give the best answer to customer questions but also significantly improve your product or service because your team is encouraged to take a customer’s perspective.

Look for differentiation from competitors 

You want to stand out with your product, your service, your corporate culture and your people. Make sure that you find strong differentiators on all levels and communicate them to the outside with pride. Rethink ordinary processes and stand out whenever you interact with customers, which is hopefully all the time. Pay attention to details in every single email, marketing campaign or how people perceive your corporate identity. Allow your people to be engaged in the innovation process and let them be your best ambassadors to your customers.

Seek and track customer feedback

Customer Service is all about delivering a great service or product, measuring customer satisfaction by gathering feedback and learning quickly to improve further. This feedback loop has to be as short as possible to show that you care and are eager to develop based on your customers’ opinion. Be sure you and your people actively request feedback at any time. This not only accounts for the actual product or service but even more for the way you deliver your customer service itself. Your people also need to be empowered to request feedback for themselves, for their own improvements.

To get there you want to make sure that not only people reaching to the phone or replying to a customer email take a close look on the customers’ needs. Everyone in your organization is meant to serve customers, no matter whether Marketing or Engineering. 
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