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Impraise's Feedback from Culture Summit and HR TechXpo

Culture Summit 2017 and the HRTechXpo took place this August in scenic San Francisco. The two conferences brought together founders, thought leaders, and organizational culture experts to share solutions and ideas for company culture solutions. Naturally, we at Impraise had to weigh in on two of best conferences of Summer 2017. Here are our ‘Impraise Highlights’ from Culture Summit and HRTechXpo.


At both Culture Summit and HRTechXpo, we asked attendees to tell us the type of feedback they wish they had received – below is a summary of the responses:

Feedback wall.png


The feedback ranged from the simple: “be bold” and “take more risks” to more complex; the importance of “timely praise and feedback” and on-the-job “encouragement”. This type of continuous and timely feedback, as well as the promotion of regular coaching in the form of encouragement, are central to Impraise’s culture and mantra.


Interestingly, a lot of the feedback that people wished they had received were along the lines of support and encouragement. Several contributors to our ‘wall of feedback’ wish they had been told ‘not to sweat the small stuff’, ‘to not take things personally’ and that ‘making mistakes is ok’ once the mistakes are learned from. It was the importance of this type of constructive feedback was the motivation behind Impraise’s new Praise & Tip function, whereby, users are encouraged to not only give feedback, but give praise when it’s due and also to give useful hints and tips to co-workers. Imagine what could have been done differently, or the confidence that all of our ‘wall of feedback’ contributors could have enjoyed, had they received this feedback and supporter sooner? All of the headaches, all of the stress, and all of the insecurity could have been avoided. Here at Impraise, we thrive on feedback. To learn more about how to motivate employees to give feedback click here, and click here to uncover the benefits of real time feedback as promoted by Impraise.


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Impraise @ HRTechXpo

Both the Culture Summit and the HRTechXpo exposed an outlook reflective of Impraise’s own; that people are any company’s most important asset, and that companies need to adopt a “people centric” approach.


This inevitably means promoting change and ‘disrupting’ tired and outdated HR processes. As the workforce is rapidly becoming dominated by millennials, companies must adapt to their processes in order to meet the needs of, and retain their talent. Forcing them to engage with archaic processes is a recipe for failure; a sure-fire way to tank any efforts of transformation.


So there you have it, Impraise’s round up of the top takeaways from the Culture Summit and HRTechXpo. Both conferences, with different themes, namely; culture and technology, confirmed Impraise’s value that people are at the core of every organisation, and the key to keeping employees happy and engaged the regular giving and receiving of feedback.


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