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Make Performance Management Work: Combine Workday with Impraise

Workday has invaded offices everywhere with its integrated platform for financial and human capital management. Its customers include major industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo, Adobe, and Atlassian. It’s taken business by storm with its modern approach to key processes offering cloud technology, in depth analytics and mobility.

In addition to its stellar financial services, at the moment Workday also allows companies to take care of key HR processes such as hiring, onboarding, benefits, annual performance reviews and compensation all in one. While the ease and integration of the system has many advantages, new business demands and the changing modern workforce have caused companies to rethink their performance management practices.  

Technological advancements are pushing companies to constantly innovate to keep up with industry changes. This means that the workforce needs to become more agile, able to adapt, learn and implement new strategies constantly. The entry of millennials into the workforce has brought greater demands on companies. This new generation of employees is asking for more feedback, coaching and development opportunities.

Companies concerned with revolutionizing their learning agility and employee engagement have been abandoning outdated HR policies in favor of real-time professional development. As a result, a number of Workday clients are supplementing their performance management capabilities with tech tools specifically focused on meeting these needs. Impraise has become the tool of choice for companies such as and Atlassian to boost their HR strategy.

What Impraise adds to the Workday experience:

  • Performance and 360-degree reviews. Impraise offers an enhanced performance management process. Rather than traditional top-down performance reviews, Impraise offers 360-degree reviews enabling employees and managers to get feedback from bosses, peers and subordinates. This 360 view of performance allows for a more complete picture of how people are performing from different perspectives. This system also facilitates knowledge sharing by empowering employees with the possibility to seek coaching from peers as well as managers.

  • Access to in-depth analytics. The use of 360-degree reviews, real-time feedback and employee surveys enables you to collect better richer performance data. This data provides deeper insights into performance and engagement allowing managers to make better decisions regarding strategy, compensation and people management. This results in a more engaged and agile workforce. Research by OfficeVibe shows that companies which give regular feedback experience a 14.9% drop in turnover rates. In addition, 69% of employees said they would work even harder if their efforts were recognized more.

  • Engaging user interface. Impraise’s interface is user friendly and engaging. It always takes time to onboard employees to a new tool and get them actively using it. However, the straightforward format of the Impraise platform makes asking for feedback simple. Through its design Impraise encourages people to complete their feedback requests with reminders and its use of scoring circles and colors which visualize progress and demonstrate when you’ve ‘leveled up’ through your feedback.

  • Employee engagement surveys. The platform offers greater opportunities for managers to measure employee engagement and satisfaction through feedback surveys. This allows managers to tackle issues in the workplace before they result in higher employee turnover rates. What people are increasingly realizing is that people leave managers, not jobs. If your managers aren’t keeping continuous track of their employees’ satisfaction at work your company will pay the high price of losing top talent.

  • Real-time feedback. In addition to performance reviews, the system also encourages staff to give more continuous and timely feedback to each other. Feedback can become irrelevant or ineffective when given on a yearly basis. Real-time feedback on the other hand is given instantly at the moment when it’s most needed. This is a significant advantage for companies that want to stay competitive by keeping up their workforce’s learning agility. When a constant dialogue is established between managers and their reports the learning process speeds up with employees getting feedback on improvements that need to be made on a weekly rather than yearly basis. Additionally, giving recognition for a job well done is just as important. Studies show that employees are more engaged and work harder when their efforts are recognized.

How to integrate Impraise with Workday:

Having Workday makes it simple for companies to set up Impraise. The system uses Workday’s Cloud Connect Technology to access employee information, circumventing the data fill in process. Impraise has experience onboarding Workday clients to their tool, meaning that its IT and customer support teams are ready and able to anticipate the needs of this customer base and guide you through the process. This means that clients already using Workday can set up Impraise in one day. Why wait? Request a demo today so you can see the benefits for yourself.

Photo by Olu Eletu