Employee Engagement

How to Measure Employee Engagement With a Survey: 11 Questions to Ask Your Team

It’s well documented that keeping employees engaged is a key part of running a successful business. It makes a huge difference to pretty much every aspect of the organization, and is the difference between a team who simply turn up to work and one that is genuinely enthused about the company’s vision and what they can do to contribute to its success.

We’ve put together a handy list of 11 questions you should be asking your team. These questions will allow you to establish how engaged your team are, and find out which aspects of company culture you can adapt and improve upon to ensure everyone is fully committed to their role and the success of the company.

As a straightforward start to getting some insight, responses can be ranked on a likert scale from 1-5. This is a good way to gain useful results from this type of survey: 5 choices means that people can accurately state their opinions without being overwhelmed by too many options. Here are our 11 example questions to ask your team.


(1. Strongly agree

2. agree

3. Neither agree nor disagree

4. disagree

5. Strongly disagree)


  • I generally feel happy with my job


  • I feel that the work the company does is important  


  • I am aware of the company’s goals and how my role contributes to their success


  • I have confidence in my manager and their leadership abilities


  • I feel that the feedback I receive from my manager is

       a. Timely



  • It is appreciated and acknowledged when I do a good job


  • I generally feel that my opinions and contributions are valued


  • I feel that there is adequate help available when I need it


  • I feel that I am given enough opportunities for growth and development within the company


  • My work/life balance is satisfactory


  • I would recommend working at this company to a friend


Whilst the example questions will give you an insight into people’s attitudes towards their work, it’s important to keep an awareness of why you’re conducting a survey in the first place. Are there specific issues which you’re looking to gain perspective on? Or are you just generally looking at what could be improved? You can tailor the types of questions asked depending on the purpose of the survey, and find out more in depth information by giving people the opportunity to follow up their answers by writing explanations and comments.

Keep in mind that if you conduct an employee survey you must always be prepared to act upon the answers and make changes. Employees will not feel motivated to answer surveys if they don’t feel their answers will actually have an impact on the workplace.

Now you’re ready to conduct your employee engagement survey! Conducting engagement surveys can help lead to an honest, open working environment where people have the opportunity to offer their perspective on and help improve every aspect of organizational culture. Combining this with 360-degree, real-time feedback will ensure that the conversation always continues.


Photo by: Kaboom Pics