Performance Reviews

How to fill out a self-assessment for your performance review

The season for performance reviews is upon us and like most people, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to say, particularly in your self-assessment.

Don’t panic! It encourages you to think about your accomplishments, as well as areas for improvement. It also gives you an opportunity to highlight your unique contributions while giving you a platform to state your goals, ambitions, and what you need to succeed.

If you don’t know how to write a self-assessment, we’ve put together a few examples for you.

  1. Sales Associate

The accomplishment I am most proud of this year is exceeding expectations on my sales target as a new hire.

In my first week I met my sales target, even though new hires are not expected to meet typical targets until working at Central Perk for at least 2 quarters. In addition, I exceeded it by 110% in the first quarter.

I was able to achieve this by dedicating additional hours to reach out to prospects to better understand their needs, as well as doing thorough background research on each one of them. I also proactively spent time looking through previous sales case studies, to reapply the learnings.

Despite these accomplishments, I am struggling with learning the administrative tools and staying on top of logging my interactions and new leads. I would like to develop my time management skills and spend some time with someone on my team who is already proficient in using our internal systems & processes.

2. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager my goal this quarter was to increase brand awareness by 120% through campaigns and promotion.

I successfully prioritized to meet our target by utilizing product placement in media that is relevant to our brand, and viewed by our target audience. Further steps I took towards this success were:

  • Holding 1:1s with each team member to help them understand how they could contribute to our team goal

  • Supporting team members throughout the quarter to achieve our goals

  • Secure deals with magazines, movies, and incredibly popular TV show Played a critical goal in negotiating the deal

Thanks to our team efforts, we reached an 80% increase in brand recognition and 60% increase in total sales for the company.

I believe the original target I set was too ambitious for the timeframe we had. I also didn’t listen to my team’s initial feedback about the target being overambitious. During the next planning phase, I plan to be more receptive to my team’s input by asking for feedback more often.

3. Customer Support Representative

This quarter I was proud to reach my 80% caller satisfaction target and maintain a consistent call time of 5:30 per call (over 1 minute quicker than the company average). I also began helping the Customer Support Manager train new hires, after which caller satisfaction with new hires increased by 30%.

Further to this success, I’ve decided to develop my managerial skills so I can eventually move into a leadership position. I would like to continue developing my training skills, and learn how to effectively up-sell so I can contribute to our managers’ up-sell target. I believe I can learn this by cross-functionally training with our sales teams.


If you’re still not sure how you could fill out a self-assessment, remember to include:

  • The context of your accomplishments

  • Tangible results you achieved framed as success metrics

  • Your goals and a development plan

By following these tips, and you’ll no longer need to fear it! Performance reviews can help you gain insight into your strengths and areas for improvement. If you take time to prepare and have a good conversation with your manager, you can use the learnings to further your career development.

Now you’ve filled out your self-assessment, find out how to write goals for your performance review.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash