How do you motivate employees to give feedback?

When you first start the feedback process in your company, you may find that employees are slow to begin giving feedback on their own. What are the best ways to get your employees to give more feedback outside of performance reviews?


1. Give feedback a positive connotation


Explain what people can do with the feedback they receive. How will it benefit them? Employees will not want to spend time on a new process unless they understand how it will help them in the workplace.


2. Teach them how to give it correctly


Simply telling employees they need to give more feedback will not help you create a strong feedback culture. You first have to address their inhibitions by giving them the tools they need. Download this free ebook to help your employees learn how to give effective feedback.  


3. Remind them it’s not all about constructive feedback


There is a tendency to view feedback solely as a means of improving performance, but positive feedback also plays a very important role in boosting morale and motivation. At Impraise, each team member recognizes a star employee at our weekly all hands meeting. Showing this appreciation on a regular basis builds a strong sense of team spirit and encourages others to share their own feedback.    


4. Give employees ownership

Ultimately, giving employees the freedom to ask for and give feedback whenever they need is empowering for the workforce. If you followed step 1 make sure to compliment it by continuing to reinforce this idea.

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