How do I encourage upward feedback from my team?

You’re not the only one who will have to get comfortable receiving upward feedback. If you’ve never had manager reviews before, employees may also be hesitant to give you honest feedback at first. It’s natural that they may initially lack the confidence to speak their mind and worry about unwanted consequences if their feedback is not the right thing to say or not welcomed all together. In this case you’re more likely to receive guarded feedback that won’t give you the insights you need. Establishing trust in the process will encourage your employees to begin giving you valuable feedback that will help you boost your performance.


1. Explain


Especially if this is new for your team, it’s important that you let your employees know you’re going to be asking for their feedback. Be sure to explain why you’re asking for it and what you’re going to do with it. For example, “Having your input will help me get a better idea of which strategies are most effective in helping our team move forward.”


2. Start asking for feedback regularly


Your employees may not start giving you feedback on their own initiative. When this happens you should initiate the process yourself by asking for feedback via Impraise and face to face during 1-on-1s.


3. Act on your feedback


In the initial phase it’s particularly important to demonstrate that you’ve listened and taken their feedback into account. If one of your employees tells you they don’t feel you encourage them to speak up in meetings, make a point to ask for people’s opinion at each meeting. Even if their idea runs contrary to your plan, open it up for debate within the team.


4. Follow-up


After enough time has passed for you to clearly demonstrate your commitment to making a change, check in with them again. Asking for feedback on your progress demonstrates your commitment to take their comments seriously and will clearly show that giving feedback will have a positive impact on your interaction with the team and the individual.


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