Best Examples of Questions for Conducting Employee Feedback

Recently we shared with you the best questions to ask your team to measure their engagement levels at work. Whilst this is a great place to start, there are more questions you should be asking to make your workplace the best it can be for everyone.

We’ve lined up 8 example questions you can ask your team as part of your feedback process.


1. Do you feel challenged in your role?


2.Do you feel you know where to find help when you need it?


3. What’s your preferred working style?


4. What are the biggest strengths and weaknesses in this department?


5. Do you feel that you’re supervised too much, too little or the right amount?


6. What’s something you think could be improved upon in terms of our performance management process?


7. What would you say is the biggest issue you experience on a regular basis at work?


8. What is one practical step we could take to help make your job easier?


It’s key that you follow up on the responses people give: gaining insight from your team is only really of use if you are willing to implement any changes needed. If people engage with the feedback process and are willing to give you their honest input, it’s important to make use of this to improve practices within the organization. For example if the majority of your team respond that they feel they are being supervised too much and want more freedom in the way they structure their work days, it’s key to acknowledge this and give those employees space to complete their assignments independently, whilst also providing support and extra check-ins for those who requested it.  

Now you’re ready to gain some great employee feedback. Getting and following up on insights from your employees will give you an all round perspective and ensure your work space and practices are beneficial for everyone.  

Try Impraise today to start giving and receiving productive, useful feedback that seamlessly fits into your working day!


                                                                          Photo by: StartUp Stock Photos