Company Culture

4 Ideas for Employee Recognition

We’ve put together 4 simple ideas to really show your team you recognise their efforts and appreciate the work they put into helping your organization succeed. Acknowledging people, not only in front of others, but also generally for their day to day performance and achievements makes a big difference to people’s morale and helps them rest assured that their efforts are worth it.

Include peers in the process

It’s great for employees to know their manager values them. But, in addition, it can be incredibly motivating for people to know their other team members also appreciate and support them. Encouraging peer to peer motivation means people are not only getting more recognition from those who work closely with them, but that people know their opinions are being taken into account by their managers. Including peer feedback on a regular basis can be great for team morale: just something as simple as having everyone give a public shout out at the end of the week to whoever they feel deserves it can be a great way to let people know they’re valued by those around them.

Go beyond the workplace

Recognition doesn’t have to stop with just workplace achievements. Recognising people’s  achievements outside of the workplace is also important: it shows your team that you care about them outside of the work they do for your organization. Congratulating someone during a meeting or via team-communication tool for a personal achievement like a marathon or fundraising event for example really lets your team know that they are appreciated as individuals outside of their role and that their personal attributes are valued by both their managers and their team.

Get together

Gestures of appreciation don’t have to be hugely elaborate. Just getting the whole team or company together over lunch one day shows you appreciate everyone’s contributions to the team. Even just putting together a lunch in the office is enough. Give people a longer lunch break than they’re used to and have everyone eat together with one rule: no talking about work. Not only will it strengthen bonds between team members, it’s actually been shown that eating at larger lunch tables makes for higher productivity. Make it clear that the company lunch is a thank you for everyone’s hard work and commitment, perhaps after a tough quarter or an especially good week for the company.

The Impraise team enjoying the sunshine together

The Impraise team enjoying the sunshine together

Hold a company awards ceremony

Really show your team that you appreciate them and their accomplishments, efforts or simply their personal qualities that have an impact on everyone’s working day. Holding a company-wide awards ceremony where everyone gets together to appreciate what people do for the team can make a huge difference to people’s morale. People will really feel valued and as if they make recognisable contributions to the team. It doesn’t have to be purely work-focused either. Whilst giving out awards such as ‘salesperson of the month’ or goal-specific ones can be great to highlight people’s achievements for the company, it can be equally appreciated to recognise personal qualities, practices or traits that make a positive difference to the working environment. Have everyone vote on fun team or company-wide award titles and who they think should win them.