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12 Steps To Achieve Continuous Feedback At Work

Companies are now realizing how ineffective annual performance reviews are with giants like Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte and GE dumping their outdated systems. Although many companies are willing to move to the next level, they often have difficulties starting. Impraise will start mentoring the public for free providing a 12 month guide that teaches them how to implement a real time feedback culture based on easy to follow steps.

The guide is a result of a collaboration between Impraise and Anna Carroll, executive coach and author of The Feedback Imperative: How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success. In this brand new guide she applies her expertise, obtained from many years of experience coaching top executives, to help you successfully introduce a strong feedback culture. Impraise, likewise, provides its insights into the world of feedback based on the company’s experience onboarding clients to their web based and mobile solution for giving real-time feedback in the workplace.

After implementing these steps, readers will gain the tools to create a feedback culture in their organisations, and  also learn:

  • Why major companies are ditching annual performance reviews.

  • Tips to onboard key stakeholders.

  • The reasons behind fear of feedback and ‘fight or flight’ psychology.

  • Steps to train managers to overcome barriers to feedback.

  • How to conduct a 360 degree review.

  • Steps to Integrate, spread and institutionalize a strong feedback culture.

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