Manager Guide: How to Write a Good Performance Review

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Company Culture

Overcoming Employee Engagement Challenges

The notion that engagement is driven primarily by good or bad management is outdated and often shrouded in misunderstanding. Today, employees are looking for a sense of purpose in their jobs, a feeling that they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

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Employee engagement

How high employee turnover hurts your company

High employee turnover hurts the business bottom line. It’s estimated that the average cost of a lost employee is 38 percent of the employee's annual salary. Considering the average income in the U.S. is $50 000 a year, that’s a $19,000 per person. 

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Get better at work
Human Resources

Performance Management Strategies For Fast Growing Companies

Understanding each stage of the Greiner Curve will empower you with the ability to: understand and anticipate the challenges your company may face at different stages in its growth cycle and prepare a strategic performance management plan that can help you meet these challenges head on.

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