How to Provide Targeted Coaching with Private Notes

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Use Impraise to Strengthen Face-to-Face Communication

Worried sharing feedback with a tool will lose the personal touch you get when giving feedback face-to-face? Rather than replacing face-to-face feedback, our goal with Impraise is to enhance the interactions already taking place in your organization. Here are 6 ways Impraise can help you get more out of feedback:

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Get better at work
Company Culture

To get employee retention right follow these simple rules

Employee retention is probably one of the most important topics you need to focus on early during the growth of your company. Although you might put most effort on recruiting and hiring new talents never forget about all the energy it takes to get this done properly.

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Manager guide: How to Write a Good Performance Review

Performance reviews are valuable for both the employer and the employee. They provide an opportunity to assess performance, goals and objectives and also to plan for the future. Yet, despite the benefits, they are almost always universally despised by both managers and their reports alike.

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How to do a Performance Review: your step-by-step guide

The performance review is a necessary part of most jobs. It is a valuable way to keep track of how an employee progresses; to take stock of their successes, as well as their failures. They are essentially just a summary of an employee’s work history over the past year

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