How to Improve Communication at Work

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Getting the C-level ready for upward feedback

Surprisingly, the most drastic change when introducing a feedback culture will most likely occur at the C-level. If your company wasn’t used to giving regular feedback previously, the C-level are the last group that would have received feedback from anyone. Prepare them for the change with these tips:

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Company Culture

Is your workforce open to change?

Have you ever tried to implement a new change in your company and found you hit a barrier? Having a workforce that is open to any major or minor change is important for keeping up organizational agility. Here are six ways you can open up your workforce to new ideas:

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Get better at work
Performance Reviews

KPMG Transforms stack ranking

KPMG, one of the largest accounting and financing firms, recently announced that it would pilot a new performance management program in its Indian division, in an effort to retain the quickly evaporating talent pool.

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