Does Using A Feedback Tool Hinder Face to Face Feedback

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Get better at work

How to Improve Communication at Work

No matter whether partnerships, friendships or business relationships, lack of communication that is meaningful can and ultimately will cause much trouble. Communication is the root of all human activities and every behaviour is a form of communication.

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Getting the C-level ready for upward feedback

Surprisingly, the most drastic change when introducing a feedback culture will most likely occur at the C-level. If your company wasn’t used to giving regular feedback previously, the C-level are the last group that would have received feedback from anyone. Prepare them for the change with these tips:

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Company Culture

Is your workforce open to change?

Have you ever tried to implement a new change in your company and found you hit a barrier? Having a workforce that is open to any major or minor change is important for keeping up organizational agility. Here are six ways you can open up your workforce to new ideas:

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